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Hey there — I'm Chiiing,
a product designer, team player, communicator, who's dedicating to establishing entrepreneurial strategies with design solutions — Currently studying in MFA Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts.
Product Design

Libra is an app provides a new news reading experience that empowers news readers gain information from different perspectives and learn about their political spectrum to solve the problem of media bias and political polarization.

IxDA Awards 2020 Finalist
Product Design

Working in the Product Design team for the core survey experience, I redesigned the SurveyMonkey Contacts experience, including adding contacts, import contacts, and manage contacts lists and more.

Cross-Platform Product Design

Snapask is a start-up company empowers over 1 million students to connects with qualified tutors to have 1-on-1 online sessions. Focusing on enhancing the web-based experience, I redesigned the landing page, the on-boarding process, implemented the design guidelines, and more.

Product Design

Motiv is a service helps college students learn about basic finance. I conducted design researches, designed the overall UI and prototype with the collaboration with Northwestern Mutual.

Client・Northwestern Mutual
Service Design
MUNY Project

The MUNY project is a service design project for talents who try to become a part of MUNY community. I led a three people team to create a new onboarding and website experience with an approach of design and research methodologies.

Future Washing Machine

Scratch is an innovative user interface and user experience of a future-trended washing machine. Instead of using ‘buttons,’ we tried to create a more intuitive way of depicting data and gestures of operating washing machines.

Client・Haier Group