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Hey there — I'm Chiiing.
A product designer, team player, communicator, dedicating to establishing entrepreneurial strategies with design solutions — Currently studying in MFA Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts.
Mobile Product Design

Designed and iterated the UIUX and prototypes of Libra, a news platform empowers news readers gain information from different perspectives to solve the problem of media bias and political polarization.

IxDA Awards 2020 Finalist
Product Design Internship

Working in the Product Design team for the core survey experience, I transformed data into useful insights for organizations.

Snapask Landing Page Redesign
Web Design

Led the redesign of Snapask responsive landing page and pricing page across platforms, increasing conversion rate by 42%.

Snapask Free Trial & Onboarding Flow
Web Product Design

Led the redesign of Snapask onboarding flow, trial experience, and referral program, reducing drop-out by 42%.

Cross-Platform Product Design

Created the brand identity, conducted design research, designed UIUX and prototypes with a collaboration with Northwestern Mutual design team.

Client・Northwestern Mutual
MUNY Project
Design Research & Service Design

Led a three people team to create a new onboarding and website experience with an approach of design and research methodologies for MUNY community.

Washing Machine UIUX

Scratch is an innovative UIUX of a future-trended washing machine. Instead of using buttons, my team and I designed and prototyped the concept by introducing a set of intuitive gestures and a human-centered way to depict information.

Client・Haier Group